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Technology Ruins Another Pastime

by James on Feb.11, 2010, under actual gadget, kids today

the game controlled by screamingIf screaming worked on all games, I know a few gamers who’d be dead. Gnilley is an Australian game prototype where enemies are destroyed by screaming. The angrier you scream, the faster the baddies get dispatched.  Developed by Glen Forrester (a.k.a. Radix) for Sydney’s Game Jam 2010, the concept started as being about “pitch and color” but eventually dissolved into “yelling at everything.”

Some game aspects are controlled simply by the volume of your voice–walls may disappear, doors unlock–but enemies must be screamed at. And angrily.

The video demonstration below is hilarious. Wait at least until the giant rabbit boss fight at about 1:30.

Usually when I yell at games, I simply want to know “why.” WHY, GAME? How is that guy still alive! I threw a grenade right next to him!

This game will be good for people like this kid I knew in jr. high, who used to get so angry, he’d put the old NES controller brick in his mouth and bite it. Like an angry German shepherd grabbing a fleeing criminal’s arm. It was kind of astounding. He also liked to burn things.

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