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Trouble with your relationship to beer?

by James on Feb.08, 2010, under who cares

Let this video help you.

Look: I love beer as much as the next beer-lover, but who needs a video to help them? There’s not beer pairings like there is with wine. I’m sorry, video, but there’s not. There’s also no need for hot chicks to fellate beer bottles. Beer does that on it’s own. That’d be like an advertisement for chocolate in which hot dudes were rubbing it on their pecs.

Beer doesn’t need selling.  It’s beer.

This video is funny to me, and I believe it will be funny to you. The best part is at about 0:40 seconds where some chick with Bret Michaels’ old hair is smiling and sipping a beer.

Hilarious. Who she? And why? Did she ride to the shoot with her head out the car window? Were they filming on a helipad?

Anyway, pour one out for your non-creative homies. Help sell one of the few products that never needs selling.


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