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This call has been delicious.

by James on Jan.08, 2010, under actual gadget

A cell phone that runs on sweet liquids

i need sugar to live

just don't feed it before bedtime

No joke.

A Chinese dude made this phone that runs on sugary liquids at the request of Finnish phone-maker Nokia. Daizhi Zheng designed the phone to use enzymes that convert the sugar in any beverage poured into it to fuel for the phone. It’s supposed to last longer than current Lithium Ion batteries, which are harmful to the environment, of which we are all well aware.

My question is this: can you drink the liquid while your phone is using it? If I have a Coke, do I have to share it with my phone, or can I pour the whole thing in, and casually sip while I’m talking?

I just keep picturing those scenes from Robocop 2 where the robot designed to hunt and kill drug dealers and then consume their drugs actually got addicted to the drug and started killing innocent people.

cain from robocop 2

even robots can look strung out

What happens when my phone starts waking me up in the middle up of the night, begging for more Coca-Cola? Is my phone going to hang out at busy intersections and wash people’s windows? Is my phone going to disappear and start lurking around at the bus station?

I love the environment as much as the next guy, but maybe the future should stay where it is: far away. And here’s an inconvenient truth: I don’t care about my batteries. They’re small.

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