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Ever played TWISTER? Here’s why.

by James on Mar.08, 2010, under kids today

For my birthday once, I thought it would be funny to play Twister all night. And it was. But not limited to the reasons I initially thought.

Of course it was fun to play an old school board game with a bunch of post-college aged adults, but it was also fun for all of the reasons illustrated in this video, and everyone knows it.

When do you get to pelvic thrust your best friends with impunity? Never, except when you’re really drunk and/or playing Truth or Dare. And those things are rare. Twister is an ever-ready way to break it off with a seemingly innocent motive.

Everyone was like, “Hey, you know, it’s his birthday and this is what he wanted to do.”

If only that worked for like skinny dipping or something.

Anyway, until then, thank you Twister and your making of awkward experiences a teensy bit less awkward.

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Something new and different

by James on Jan.19, 2010, under colossal waste of time

whiteboards are boring

And expensive

There was a dude on my hall senior year whose door was just as completely covered from top to bottom, but with parking tickets. That’s the only clever thing I can think of that compares to this photo. Despite the logistics necessary to make the completed mosaic turn out actual size, it would cost hundreds of dollars in printer ink. Not to mention hours and hours of printing.

You just gotta hope you got the right pose, and clone stamp out those zits.

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