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Insect Candy Has Gone Too Far

by James on Jan.29, 2010, under you can't turn away

$0.25 each seems high

It all started with Tequila

In 1982, a candy company in California called HOTLIX produced a Tequila-flavored lolli-pop with a real worm inside. Larry Peterman is the brains behind these ‘hot licks,’ and even though he’s 70 now, the candy ideas are still plaguing him. (get it? plague?)

I think ol’ Larry may be getting a little bit senile. According to the company’s website, the chocolate covered scorpions are totally safe to eat once the scorpions are dead. When they die, the poison deactivates (puh-shaw), but they cut off the stingers “just in case.” That’s good too because there’s nothing worse than when I’m eating a dead scorpion and I get that stinger caught in the back of my throat. I start coughing and drinking my Sprite, but everyone else in the movie theater wishes I would shut up or excuse myself to the restroom.

You should see the other stuff this company makes. Go on. I’ll wait. There’s jalapeño flavored candy. JALA-FREAKIN-PEÑO! That’s not candy to me. When I was a kid, candy was a treat that tasted better than anything you had to eat all day, maybe all month. I don’t recall ever being so hungry that I payed to eat an apple covered in worms. That sounds like third-world-country cuisine right there. When you get tired of eating dirt. Someone gives me a jalapeño candy for Halloween? Their house gets egged.

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