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America might be catching on

by James on Jan.10, 2010, under open your eyes

Plot comparison between Avatar and Pocahontas

Below is some astute observer’s take on the similarity between the two films. It says fail, but not sure to whom the fail duly belongs. On the part of the screen writers? Or the nation of millions who keeps watching the same things over and over.

Let me simplify a movie’s plot for you and see if you can guess the film. Ready?

It’s a typical day-in-the-life of your average Joe/Jane. They’re going about their ordinary routine when suddenly, something extraordinary happens. This new thing changes their entire perspective. They try to resume their daily lives, but this new thing won’t allow things to go back to normal. Then, they realize something about this new thing has gone horribly wrong. They try and try to fix it, but at every turn they find only failure. When they feel like they’ve reached their lowest point, they do the one thing they never thought possible of themselves, and they, and the audience learns a valuable lesson.

Sound familiar? That’s the plot of every Hollywood-produced movie ever. Try to make your favorite movie fit this mold. You’ll succeed every time.

Nice work, Matt Bateman, at failblog.org. I agree with your humble opinion. You’ve succeeded in pointing out the simple fact that 90% of America’s movie audiences are part of one gigantic fail.

please summarize pocahontas?

pocahantas plot summary?

Avatar is Miyazaki for meatheads.” – J. Hilgart

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