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5-year-old Jonah rocks TOXICITY

by James on Jan.19, 2010, under kids today


click for the video; embedding disabled

This kid is badass. He’s got his own website here so check it out.

I love how well-funded this kid is. When I wanted to play the guitar, my parents bought the cheapest acoustic guitar they could find. In their defense, they had already learned the hard way with the violin. But this guy has brand-name gear: Zildjian and Vic Firth? Come on. He’s five.


He’s obviously got mad skillz. Even if you don’t like System of a Down, you’ll enjoy watching this guy tear it up. Wait for the bridge (around 2:45); I got chills.

Also, I’m glad he’s wearing ear protection. You can tell how loud it is by how staticky the audio gets on his cymbal crash.

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