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Rap about whatever, just save the damned princess

by James on Feb.12, 2010, under colossal waste of time, kids today

super mario for original gameboy

Continuing with the techno theme, buy here’s a rap about the narrative of Super Mario Land for the Gameboy. As if this needed…anything. Anything at all.

But, troche the rap’s pretty funny. It’s slightly NSFW, online but only if your boss is a dick.

I remember beating this game in its original format and thinking to myself many of the issues this song brings up.


Join me on a journey into the mind.

Enjoy the song below and then go back to work. Your co-workers miss you.

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Another sign of the Apocalypse

by James on Jan.22, 2010, under actual celebrity, kids today

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I’m glad I found this.  I feel like it’s good to warn people about the coming end. This is the beginning of the end. I guess one could argue it may have started with Li’l Bow Wow (who recently decided he’s too “mature” for the Li’l, though not quite too mature yet to be bothered by the fact he’s still named after the sound a doggy makes).

I digress.

If someone who speaks better Spanish than me would enlighten as to what he’s saying exactly, but I swear he says something about burritos at the beginning. I also love his back-up prosti-tot dancers. Classic.

mini daddy

Don’t hate. Not everyone can look like the baby from the show Dinosaurs.

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Guess it doesn’t take much

by James on Jan.06, 2010, under actual celebrity

Only posted this because I think it’s funny. Namata is the self-proclaimed king of R&B in Norway.  But, medicine if you watch the video, stuff there’s a few things you should note: 1)He sorta looks like Flava Flav in that they both have that struck match quality to their skin tone, check 2)He sorta dances like Heidi Montag in her self-produced video, and finally 3)I love how his lady-friend is passed out on the bar at 1:01. It’s like she couldn’t deal with it either.

Think about moving to Norway where you can self-apply any title you want.  Also considering wearing a giant clock.

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