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Who still has cybersex? Nobody.

by James on Jan.08, 2010, under kids today

Leave it to Failblog.org to post such an epic win

failblog's sex chat win

why not open the phone book and call a random number?

Read the whole thing from start to finish and you will laugh out loud so hard, you’ll forget to type lol into the comment box. It is actually an epic win.

These types of sex chat rooms always make me wonder what stops these horny people from just picking up a phone, dialing 10 digits at random, and then jerking off to whoever answers.

I guess there’s some people out there who actually do that.

Like Philip Seymour Hoffman’s character in that dreadful Todd Solondz movie “Happiness.” That part where he hits the wall is funny, but the ending…man. Bonechilling.

What was I saying? Oh, yeah. Chat-sex with strangers is stupid. Check out these other epic wins.

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