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When the missionary just won’t cut it

by James on Jan.14, 2010, under actual gadget, you can't turn away

lap pillow

10 Bizarre Sex Toys

Some of these things just make you think to yourself, oh, those crazy Japanese and their wacky products. But others remind you of Jude Law’s character in the terrible Kubrick/Speilberg abomination A.I.

One of these things is a computerized vibrator you put your lad into, and it syncs up with Windows Media Player and adjusts vibration and lube electronically! I feel like I just woke up and it’s 2010. Where were these things when I was in junior high? I might not have injured myself…quite as often.

And I did some research on the Japanese dolls, and the American version of the same product also comes with optional modifications like elf ears, blue skin, tan lines, and changeable facial expressions. I am crapping you negative.

I also foresee a few of these items showing up in police photos on the news.

robot vagina

robot vagina


like anime?

the gimp sack

the gimp?

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