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Flour Battle in the Streets

by James on Jan.27, 2010, under who cares

Flour Battle - 6On JACKASS it’s called “Antiqueing.”

But apparently in Spain it’s a celebrated street festival.

All the mythology and legend behind the festival has been lost to the population; kinda like St. Patrick’s Day in the US. The reason here, though, isn’t just to drink and act like a slut, it’s to make noise in the streets, beat people with sticks without repercussions, and to pelt each other with tons and tons of flour.

It takes place in the Spanish village of Xinzo de Limia in the Ourense province. Teams of six or seven Spanish dudes will dress up as “peliqueiros,” with smiling masks and colorful clothes, walking around the streets carrying sticks and wearing giant cowbells making as much noise as possible.

So it IS kinda like St. Patrick’s Day. But, again, no drunken slutting.

Goggles are strongly suggested by the municipality, even though the dude in the picture above seems to have taken the idea to it’s most ridiculous conclusion. Nobody wants flour in their eyes, but why look like John Lennon’s runty Spanish cousin?

Here’s the low-down from Wikipedia. Hope you like Spanish!

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