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The Perils of Custom Taxidermy

by James on Jan.07, 2010, under you can't turn away

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The internet may have produced one of the best sites ever.

I’ve always wondered about taxidermy, buy cialis specifically; things like, “Why keep the carcass of a dead animal in your house?” Does a deer’s head on the wall bring you fond memories that time you got up at 3am and sat in the cold for four hours with urine on your boots and gangrene on your toes?

But the idea of having an animal preserved for a humorous purpose sort of changes everything.

Although most of the poor critters on this site are squirrels, there are some actual disturbing examples of the creativity of the human mind, combined with the will of taxidermists to do things for money.

Think if you were the squirrel who invented the cure for squirrel cancer, and accidentally got run over and then preserved like this. Kinda puts your whole life in perspective.

Incidentally, if you’ve ever wondered about reincarnation, pray to whatever you pray to that it doesn’t exist. Or at least try to be a better person in life. Because I’m pretty sure if  you’re bad, you either come back as one of these poor creatures, or you come back as one of Paris Hilton’s pets. Either way, you’re stuck doing something you’d rather not.

The moral of this site is: just be nice. See the rest of the site.

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